Dear Readers,

This is a special issue of our journal dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the famous work The Geographical Pivot of History by Sir Halford Mackinder, one of the brightest minds of geopolitics. The papers collected here were originally contributed to the symposium organized by Cambridge University to sum up, earlier in the 21st century, the first ever subtle and profound analysis of his geopolitical ideas.

On the one hand, we drew on Halford Mackinders theoretical constructs to clarify the meaning of the current political processes and their impact on the geopolitical future of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Indeed, it has become obvious that the regional developments call for an objective approach that alone can provide the right responses to the numerous and alarming globalization challenges. On the other hand, this is our feasible contribution to the development of contemporary geopolitical paradigm stemming from a critical assessment of the great British scholars theoretical heritage which still affects our geopolitical ideas about the history of mankind. We do hope that this effort will help the political and expert communities to find the best possible development models for central Eurasia.

The Editorial Council of the Central Asia and the Caucasus journal intends to continue the practice of publishing special issues on subjects relating to the maximally effective approaches to burning issues of regional politics and to new ideas about the place and role of Central Asia and the Caucasus in geohistory.

We do hope that our readers will welcome this initiative and offer their own ideas for future publications.

Chairman of the Editorial Council Eldar Ismailov

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