Kamoliddin RABBIMOV

Kamoliddin Rabbimov, Independent political scientist (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)


Uzbekistans official political parties have become an important institution in the republics political life, but they function very differently from parties in democratic countries.

If we were to make a schematic drawing of Uzbekistans political system, the head of state would be in its center as a powerful nucleus, and all the restthe government, parliament, parties, judicial power, mass media, and society as a wholewould revolve around him, protecting and attending to the countrys leader. Although their proximity to the center (that is, to the nucleus) and rotation rate around it differ, there is essentially not one political party that would be willing to leave its orbit and exist in free flight or swim against the current, claiming, in so doing, to be creating its own alternative system.

This is legitimate, since the nucleus has always feared any deviations in rotation around it, never sparing any resources to increase peoples disposition and sympathy toward it and always confidently applying negative sanctions, that is, punishing those who tried to launch into free flight or go against the grain.

There is no doubt that this primarily applied to political parties. The president has always had biased opinions regarding many of the democratic values and institutions, including the.

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