Mavzuna Karimova, Ph.D. (Econ.), Head of the International and Regional Economy Department, Institute of Economics and Demography, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)


Based on an analysis of the changes going on in the sectoral structure of Tajik industry, this article justifies the need to carry out its regular restructuring.

Keywords: industry, restructuring, structural changes, structural effect, strategy of structural changes.


Today, the economy of Tajik industry is an open, non-linear, dynamic and self-developing system distinguished by targeted, spontaneous, local, and systemic changes.

In recent years, uncontrollable spontaneous large-scale structural changes have been going on in the countrys industry and new forms of ownership (as well as new owners) are continuing to take shape and develop. Changes in the comparative economic efficiency of different sectors of industry are promoting a flow of capital and labor from some production works to others, as well as the appearance of new organizational and managerial structures. However, they are not engaged in forming an efficient territorial and sectoral structure of the regions industry.

The spontaneous changes that have been going on in the republics industry for decades have led to destructive consequences indicating a large-scale structural crisis that is manifested in the following:.

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