Rustem Zhanguzhin, D.Sc. (Political Science), Chief Research Fellow, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)


The author probes deep into the concept of Eurasianism, the subject of heated discussions interpreted as an integration attempt in the post-Soviet expanse. He looks at the idea of Eurasianism as a civilizational project designed to unify all entities of the geostrategic expanse into a single whole. This multilayered problem cannot be exhaustively analyzed in one or even several dozen articles. Nevertheless, the subject deserves clarification as a target of analysis.

The political and economic vs. civilizational discourse looks very much like the chicken or the egg dilemma. The author prefers a civilizational discourse, although many will probably disagree with him.

Keywords: Eurasia, the Eurasian project, liberal empire, multiculturalism, migration flows, autochthonous population, ideocracy, colonial or liberal democratic order, the legal field, integration, assimilation, autonomism, civilizational project, civilizational egregore.


Any discussion should begin with a clear definition of imperative concepts and terms, as well as ways to categorize the process and target of study. This means that Eurasianism as a concept should be discussed in the context of the processes unfolding all over the world, primarily taking into account the European countries have expanded beyond their historical and

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