Arsen Vartanian, Third Secretary of the Department of International Organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)

Integration of the Republic of Armenia (RA) into the global trade and economic system, which began after 1991, is proving to be a far from smooth process. Its main focus is carrying out targeted reforms aimed at liberalizing trade conditions, opening up markets, and creating conditions for free competition. The steps taken have brought the countrys economy closer to the standards of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and prepared the way for the republics entry into this international structure. For example, a great deal of preparatory work has been done to improve the legislative base in the economy and in trade in keeping with WTO requirements. This preparatory work has been especially aimed at creating propitious conditions for equal competition, the development of small and medium enterprises, and the protection of domestic markets, as well as at encouraging anti-dumping measures. What is more, significant changes have been introduced into the Customs Code and legislation on the protection of intellectual property rights.

On the whole, Armenias entry into the WTO has been difficult and rather painful for its transitional economy. It progressed slowly and had to surmount obstacles along the way, including those raised by.

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