Farkhod Tolipov, Ph.D. (Political Science), assistant professor, Political Science Department, National University of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

A so-called Eurasian trend of foreign political thought born in Kazakhstan is gaining increasingly wider support in this country, the main argument of its proponents being Kazakhstan borders on Central Asia, but it is not a Central Asian country. Ours is a Eurasian state strongly influenced by Europe and Western values. Contrary to what certain politicians and journalists assert, we are not another stan. Saudi Arabia is not our historical landmark: we look to Norway, South Korea, and Singapore.

This is what these people think about their countrys place and role in the world after 15 years of independent development. They loathe the very name of their country, which ends in stan. The Eurasian trend of anti-stan rhetoric merits serious attention and profound analysis.

On the Stans Geopolitical Insufficiency

It is tempting to ask whether the concept of a Eurasian state can be applied to Kazakhstan. This invites the question of where the borders between Kazakhstan, which is not a Central Asian country, and Central Asia proper lie, and another broader one about whether the Central Asian countries can..

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