Gokhan BACİK

Gokhan Bacik, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Fatih University (Istanbul, Turkey)


Turkish studies have long been dominated by geopolitical analyses. Regardless of the subject under investigation, Turkeys geopolitical value is taken into consideration as an important methodological concern. Further, it is believed that this geopolitical difference is immune from any major changes. This paper suggests that the traditional geopolitical narrative in Turkey which depends on a classical organic approach can no longer be defended on factual evidences. As an organic approach, the old narrative of Turkish geopolitics depends on an aprioristic logic which is believed to exist between location and state. Therefore, many assumptions of the old narrative, such as Turkey is located between x and y, stand as simple hypothetical argumentations. This paper attempts to criticize the old, geopolitical narrative on several theoretical levels. In this vein, Turkeys policy of pipelines is studied as a case study in order to analyze the new geopolitical narrative.

Theorizing Geopolitics

Geopolitics analyzes politics with reference to geography. Geopolitics indicates the causal relationships between political power and geographical space. Nevertheless, it is not very clear how this complex relationship between geography and politics is formed. Like other disciplines, different approaches identify the link between geography and..

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