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Murat Laumulin, D.Sc. (Political Science), Chief Researcher, Institute of Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Russia occupies third place in terms of world oil supplies: it accounts for approximately 10% of the world reserves, or 27% of the oil supplies outside OPEC. In terms of oil production, the Russian Federation is on a par with Saudi Arabia, the world leader, and in terms of oil export volumes, it is securely in second place. Russia is the absolute leader in the gas sector: it accounts for approximately one third of the worlds total reserves, one quarter of world production, and approximately 30% of world export, while its main gas transportation system has no analogies in terms of length and complexity.

The unprecedented trends on the oil markets are having a decisive influence on the nature and rates of Russias economic growth: oil and gas export is responsible for more than one third of the revenue going into the state treasury. In 2004, the Russian Federation accounted for 10.97% of the entire world oil production. According to the forecasts of the countrys government, the export of Russian oil will reach 253 million tons in 2006 and 260 million in 2007.

As a major fuel and electric energy exporter, on the deliveries of which the economy of several neighboring countries largely depends, Russia has a good opportunity to strengthen its own economic and political positions.

The main feature of Russias foreign policy lies in the fact that Moscow is using the

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