(Legal Aspects)


Rustam Mamedov, Ph.D. (Law), associate professor, head of the Baku State University International Public Law Department (Baku, Azerbaijan)

1. International-Legal Regulation of the Military Presence of States (Littoral and Non-Littoral) and the Creation of Military Bases in the Caspian

Military presence at seas and lakes is one of the most acute and complicated problems of international relations and international law. In the past few years, this problem has acquired particular relevance in the Caspian basin where an arms race is escalating, new military bases are being created, and where not only Caspian but also third countries are looking to deploy their armed forces. Military presence in the Caspian has become desirable for many states.

Naval presence is one of the forms in which countries use their naval forces beyond their state borders, in the territorial waters of other states. Both from a legal and technical perspective, naval presence is an extremely complex and dynamic system of interstate relations and military ties.

According to G.S. Gorshkov and G.M. Melkov, naval presence, in a particular part of the World Ocean, can be either constant or occasional, accompanied by actions (operations) by a country (a group of countries), designed to accomplish certain foreign policy goals. The content of these goals is predetermined by the foreign policy and military strategy of..

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