Timur Shaymergenov, Coworker at the Secretariat of the Majilis of the Kazakhstan Parliament (Astana, Kazakhstan)

The current political season will certainly occupy a special place in Kazakhstans most recent history. It is no exaggeration to say that the political reform going on in the country is a symbolic event that has significantly changed the political arena and configuration of forces in the republic. This process was launched in May when amendments to the countrys Constitution called upon to bring the economic and political development processes in Kazakhstan into harmony with each other were adopted. They were primarily aimed at introducing a presidential-parliamentary form of rule in the country. The presidents deliberate transfer of some powers to the political parties and the parliament was not only a sign of the constructive development of the political system, but also a strategically tested step that greatly accelerated political modernization in Kazakhstan.

The change in the parliaments status and possibilities led to disbandment of the lower house and the decision to hold special elections to the Majilis on 18 August, 2007. Analysts give a variety of reasons why the deputy corps of the third convocation became a thing of the past, but this step seems very logical, since it was dictated by the amendments to the Constitution, and they, in turn, were a demand of the times. There are no other clear reasons for the disbandment, since the Majilis activity was not criticized in the government or society, and the house operated quite efficiently. This step also meets the interests of Kazakhstans democratic development and the tasks of the countrys accelerated modernization.

Elections according to the proportional system held for the first time in Kazakhstans history were not only an..

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