Valery Chechelashvili, Secretary General of the Organization for Democracy and Economic DevelopmentGUAM

After the Kiev summit of the Organizations member states during Ukraines Presidency GUAM became institutionalized and cooperation within it systemized. The GUAM Baku summit was instrumental in establishing the Organization for Democracy and Economic DevelopmentGUAM. It was important both for further institutionalizing cooperation in the GUAM format and for demonstrating the Organizations possibilities to its foreign partners.

The summit was an important event that helped GUAM to assume a dignified place in the international and regional cooperation system, become firmly established in the region, and raise its appeal. The main political document of the Baku summit, the Baku declaration GUAM: Bringing Continents Together, presented a political assessment of cooperation in the GUAM format during the time that had passed since the Kiev summit and designated the strategic development goals to be pursued in the future.

The Baku declaration GUAM: Bringing Continents Together confirmed the resolve to expand cooperation in order to develop democratic values, the rule of law, respect of human rights and basic freedoms, achievement of sustainable socioeconomic development, and maintenance of security and stability in the GUAM region. It also strove to enhance GUAMs regional significance and position by consolidating common interests and intensifying branch cooperation. The Declaration underlined the need to fully activate the socioeconomic, transport, energy, scientific and technical, humanitarian, legislative, and law-enforcement potential of the member states in order to create a common space of integration and security in the GUAM region. This was the pivotal idea. All the other documents signed at the Baku summit served to promote it. The Program of Chairmanship of the Azerbaijan Republic approved at the summit by the presidents of.

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