Magomed-Emi SHAMSUEV

Magomed-Emi Shamsuev, Senior Lecturer, Department of Theory and History of Social Work, the State University of Chechnia (Grozny, the Russian Federation)


The Northern Caucasus, home to numerous ethnicities, is a challenge to the political administration and national security of the Russian Federation; many problems of state order and ethnic relationships, caused by rivalry among political and ethnic elites for power and influence, have reached a critical level. There are ethnic and clan contradictions and territorial disagreements.

Today, the information security of the Northern Caucasus should be discussed at two levelsdomestic and global. The former is related to the regions status and role in Russias domestic policy and development and the latter to its place in Russias foreign policy and the interest of foreign states and international organizations in the macro region.

In one of his books, Andrey Zdravomyslov wrote that the Northern Caucasus owed its international weight to the fact that it was situated at the crossing of geopolitical power lines, the crossroads of geopolitical aims. On 12 November, 2009, in his address to the Federal Assembly, President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev pointed out that our most serious, domestic political problem [is] the situation in the North Caucasus.

Information security in the Northern Caucasus is directly related to real and potential threats and challenges. In the last few years, their level and scope have increased many times over to become extremely dangerous.

Sources of Information Threats

As one of Russias macro regions, the Northern Caucasus is open to globalization impacts, is affected by global information and communication technologies, and is, therefore, open to information threats. The rapid increase in number of Internet users, electronic media, and data bases is changing the lifestyle in the North Caucasian republics.

The media, the only source of information about what is going on in the world, can affect public opinion by planting all sorts of ideas about events and developments in the publics mind; very often, however, what they say has nothing to do with reality.

The media invariably stir up a lot of interest; on the other hand, the reading and viewing public should be aware of..

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