Mohammad DARKHOR, Saeed KAFI, Seyed Hadi SADATI

Mohammad Darkhor, Ph.D. (Political Geography), Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University (Tehran, Iran)

Saeed Kafi, Ph.D. Student, Department of Strategic Management, NDU University (Tehran, Iran)

Seyed Hadi Sadati, Post Graduate of Area Studies, Allameh State University (Tehran, Iran)


The United States attacked Afghanistan in October 2001, beginning the longest war in American history. Ten years later, on 22 June, 2011, Barack Obama announced that the United States would pull American troops out of Afghanistan. While there is a failed government with instability in Afghanistan, the Taliban will remain powerful, carrying out criminal actions against the Afghan people and coalition forces.

After withdrawal of the American troops, Afghanistan will pose both challenges and opportunities in the region, but this will depend on Americas crisis management in the region. This article analyzes the new situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of U.S. troops and the impact the New Obama Strategy will have on Afghanistans national security.

This research adopts a descriptive-analytic approach. It uses books and scholarly articles published in different scientific journals, as well as interviews from government sources and official news agencies.

Keywords: Afghanistan, new U.S. strategy, national security.


Afghanistan occupies a vital geostrategic position near such critical but unstable regions as the Persian Gulf and the Indo-Pakistani border. Indeed, the importance of Afghanistan may grow in coming years as Central Asias oil and gas reserves, which are estimated to rival those of the North Sea, begin to play a major role in the world energy market. Afghanistan could prove to be a valuable corridor for this energy, as well as for access to markets in Central Asia. Afghanistan could also serve as a trade link between Central and South Asia. Instead, Afghanistan has proven to be an obstacle to this regions development: Afghanistans leading exports to the area are drugs, arms, and Islamic radicalism. Irans and Pakistans competition over Afghanistan and

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