Oleg Belorus, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor, Head of the Department of Global Studies, Geopolitics and Geo-economics, Institute of World Economy and International Relations (Kiev, Ukraine)


In the 21st century, which is becoming an era of radical change in the human environment, globalization is shaping the destiny of every country in the world.

Today, long-term forecasts of global development for the next 25 and 50 years rely on strictly imperative norms; the breakthrough into the future scenarios should proceed from the actual unity of the world and take into account the transition-transformation nature of its development.

Global transformation has no end; the social and economic convergence of countries with different levels and characteristics of development is a new phenomenon that calls for in-depth political and economic study. The expert community has already concluded that recurring crises of overproduction will alternate with non-cyclical crises of overconsumption of resources, while the accompanying new technologies of social production and economic relations will become even more dynamic.

Keywords: globalization, world-system of economic globalism, global neo-convergence of the developed and developing socioeconomic systems, global forecasting, global neo-industrialization.


Today, for the first time in human history, the fate of all states and all peoples, great and small, is determined by the worlds global development: One cannot live in a global society and be free from it. All long-term forecasts, strategies, and development programs of individual countries aimed at the next 50 years should take into account that the peoples of the world, sharing a common destiny, must survive and develop together.

This is especially true of the 21st century, which has already demonstrated a trend toward global transformations. Many countries, the United States, China, Japan, Russia, and

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