Inomzhon Bobokulov, Ph.D. (Law), Assistant Professor at the UNESCO Chair of International Law and Human Rights, University of World Economy and Diplomacy (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)


The Ferghana Valley and FATA, two areas of regional importance, are gathering global consequence. Their unique geographic/geopolitical location and security issues have made them the main reference objects of Central and South Asian regional security complexes. In the era of the global war on terror, they are growing increasingly attractive for terrorists and extremists. The Ferghana Valley and FATA share a common legacy: the divide and rule policy of colonial powers alienated ethnic, cultural, and civilizational units and created a circumstance responsible for the current and future processes in these regions. The share of security factors (the triad interests-threats-security), however, in the Ferghana Valley and FATA is not identical.

Keywords: Ferghana Valley, FATA, the Great Game legacy, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, global war on terror, economic interdependence, security dynamics, security issues.


The Ferghana Value was and remains in the center of attention of students of this part of the world. Contemporary analysts of this strategically important sub-region of Central Asia describe it as a source of conflicts, a potential seat of instability, a powder-keg and/or cradle of Islamism.

It should be said in all justice that several widely known extremist and terrorist organizationsthe Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), the Union of Islamic Jihad (which branched off from IMU) and Aqromiyaare rooted in Ferghana. The valleys Kyrgyz part has been an area of.

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