Dariko Mazhidenova, D.Sc. (Hist.), Professor at the Foreign Policy Chair of the Institute of Diplomacy, Academy of State Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Timur Urazaev, Ambassador-at-Large of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Astana, Kazakhstan)


Afghanistan has been and will probably remain not so much an equal partner for the nations around it, as a kind of buffer or ideological (and sometimes military) front where battles are waged, cease-fires are entered, and political exchanges are carried out. This country, which is called the heart of Asia in diplomatic terms, is merely a venue for major political bargaining, but not a real participant in it. Todays attitude toward the problems of various regional and global nations makes resolution of the Afghan question difficult and requires a multi-stage approach; in order to tackle this task, the countries of the international community are setting up various dialog venues and mechanisms.

At that, Afghanistan represents a melting pot of Central Asian, East Iranian, Persian, and Turkic traditions that go back to Muslim Shiism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. It is this intricate conglomerate that has determined the difficult lives of the people who call themselves Afghans and are trying to find their own niche in the Eurasian continent.

Keywords: the Afghan problem, the Bonn venue, terrorism, drug business, geopolitics, the Istanbul process.


As of today, withdrawal of the coalition armed forces from Afghanistan is one of the most urgent problems for world politics and diplomacy. Before taking a closer look at it, we must primarily elucidate some terms.

First, for the Afghans themselves, as represented by their current official government and political establishment, the term Afghan problem in wide political circulation is no longer entirely acceptable and was never really politically correct.

The situation that has developed in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA) was essentially imposed from the

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