CHINAS CHANGING STRATEGY IN THE CENTRAL ASIAN REGION (Based on the Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative)


Ruskan Izimov, Leading Expert, International Turkic Academy (Astana, Kazakhstan)


This article presents an analysis of Chinas Central Asian strategy after the new leadership headed by Xi Jinping and his fifth generation team came to power. The author takes an in-depth look at the new approaches of Xi Jinpings team in Chinas domestic and foreign policy. In so doing, Chinas changing policy in Central Asia is examined through the prism of Chinas new foreign policy strategy, which is being implemented within the Silk Road Economic Belt concept. Understanding the long-term nature of this project, the author attempts to analyze the prerequisites of its emergence, the main thrust of the project, and the prospects for the Chinese leaderships new foreign political initiative.

Keywords: China, Silk Road Economic Belt, Central Asian strategy, geopolitics, Chinese project.

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