Larisa Garusova, D.Sc. (Hist.), Professor, Department of Theory and History of Russian and Foreign law, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (Vladivostok, Primorsky Territory, Russian Federation)


The basic interests and resources of the three great Pacific powersthe United States, China, and Russiaare currently concentrated in the Asia Pacific Region. Against the backdrop of the deteriorating relations between Russia and the United States (because of the events in Ukraine), China has become a key partner and the main foreign policy priority of both countries. With the help of Russia, China has the potential to enhance its regional and international status and become, along with the United States, one of the poles in the bipolar world order that is emerging. The United States does not yet perceive Russia as a Pacific power. Russias opportunities and prospects in the Asia Pacific Region today not only depend on Russian-Chinese cooperation, but also on the development of Sino-U.S. relations. This is compelling Washington to look for new partners and allies, including in the Asia Pacific Region, one of which could be Russia. However, the deterioration in U.S.-Russian relations against the background of the increasing Eastern, or rather Chinese vector of Russian foreign policy leaves little opportunity for such scenarios to emerge. The confrontation between Russia and the United States is counterproductive since not one of the parties, with the exception of China, can objectively benefit from it. Prior to the crisis in Ukraine (2014-2015), the American elite and society had little interest in Russia. Russian foreign policy must now focus on making its relations with China and the U.S. constructive and mutually complementary, including in the trilateral formatU.S.-China-Russia. Russia must make its relations with China and the U.S. more productive for its own benefit.

Keywords: Russia, U.S., China, Asia Pacific, security.

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