Rasoul Rezaie Farmani, M.A. (Political Science), Young Researchers and Elite Club, Kermanshah Branch, Islamic Azad University (Kermanshah, Iran)

Karim Valizade Avati, M.A. (Political Science), Allame Tabatabaee University (Tehran, Iran)


One of the prominent features of the Middle Easts challenging issues is the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and extremism, specifically ISIS, which threatens peace and security in this region. During recent decades, the Middle East has been the center of various global crises that have aggravated national, regional, and international policy. The use of terrorism as a tool to achieve their objectives is the most important characteristic of the Islamic fundamentalist and extremist groups. Given the Islamic States control over many parts of Syria and Iraq, it is clear that there are many key problems in this regionlack of political stability; inefficient and weak military and security forces; ethnic tension and conflicts; lack of national consensus on terrorism; and an increase in extremist trends and activities in Iraq and Syria. Most importantly, ISIS control of the Sunni-populated areas of Iraq and Syria will create one of the greatest regional threats to Irans national security. This article is structured as follows. First, we will give a historical review of ISIS and how it evolved in Iraq and Syria from different perspectives, paying particular attention to its ideological tenets and beliefs. Second, we will analyze the presence of ISIS to understand whether this has led to political tension and instability (conflict) in the region and how it will affect the entire region as a whole. Third, we will examine the presence of ISIS in order to realize its consequences for Irans national security and how Iran should respond to the ISIS threat. Fourth, we will take an in-depth look at how the increase in terrorist activities, as well as the ethnic and religious conflicts and disintegration of the Middle East, will affect Irans national security.

Key words: Iran, ISIS, Middle East, Iraq, Syria.

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