Kadyrzhan SMAGULOV, Kultai ADILOVA, Nesipbala KAMBAROVA

Kadyrzhan Smagulov, Ph.D. (Political Science), Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Kultai Adilova, Ph.D. (Law), Associate Professor, Head of the Law Department, Süleyman Demirel University (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Nesipbala Kambarova, MA (Law), Senior Lecturer, Ai Higher Law School, Caspian Public University (Almaty, Kazakhstan)


Since the 2011-2012 parliamentary and presidential elections Kazakhstan has been free from political turbulence. Amid the rapidly worsening world and regional economic context that has affected Kazakhstan, and many other countries for that matter, the people in power had to think and act promptly. Later it became abundantly clear that confronted with the popular discontent and disturbances stirred up by the negative trends in the economy and financial sphere that swept the country after the parliamentary elections, the people in power were able to gain time and remain in control. The electoral cycle of 2015-2016 allowed them to rally the absolute majority of the countrys population in support of their economic and political measures.

Keywords: elections, president, parliament, political parties, opposition.

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