About the Journal

Welcome to Central Asia and the Caucasus

Central Asia and the Caucasus is a premier academic journal dedicated to the comprehensive study and analysis of the Central Asia and Caucasus regions. Our journal serves as an essential resource for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners interested in the social sciences, political science, international relations, development, and ocean engineering as they pertain to these dynamic areas.


Our mission is to advance the understanding and appreciation of the Central Asia and Caucasus regions through the publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed research. We aim to provide a platform for scholars and researchers to share their insights and findings, fostering informed discussion and debate that contributes to regional and global knowledge.


We envision Central Asia and the Caucasus as the leading source of scholarly information and analysis on these regions. Our goal is to influence policy, promote regional stability and development, and enhance cooperation through the dissemination of impactful research.


The journal covers a wide range of topics related to Central Asia and the Caucasus, including but not limited to:

  • Social Science: Exploring social dynamics, cultural practices, and societal changes within the regions.
  • Political Science and International Relations: Analyzing political developments, governance, and international interactions.
  • Development Studies: Investigating economic growth, sustainable development, and regional development strategies.
  • Ocean Engineering: Addressing technological and engineering challenges relevant to the regions' aquatic environments.


Central Asia and the Caucasus is published by Ninety Nine Publication, a Indian publishing company dedicated to advancing academic knowledge and scholarship. Our publisher supports the journal's commitment to academic excellence and ensures the highest standards of publishing integrity.

Publication Frequency

We publish quarterly, providing a consistent flow of current and relevant research articles. Each issue is curated to include a diverse range of studies that reflect the latest trends and developments in the regions.

Open Access

Our journal operates on an open-access model, ensuring that all our content is freely accessible to readers worldwide. This approach maximizes the dissemination and impact of the research we publish.

Editorial Excellence

Our editorial team is comprised of experts in the fields relevant to Central Asia and the Caucasus. They are dedicated to maintaining rigorous peer-review standards and ensuring the publication of top-tier research.

Global Impact

Central Asia and the Caucasus aims to make a significant contribution to global scholarship. By highlighting the unique and critical aspects of these regions, we strive to inform international policy and academic discourse.

Contact Us

For more information or to submit your research, please contact us at editor@ca-c.org. We welcome inquiries from prospective authors, reviewers, and collaborators.