Editorial Team


Muhammed Haseeb Editor-in-Chief
Tel./fax: (44) 74 81337095; E-mail: editor@ca-c.org
Murad ESENOV Former Editor-in-Chief
Tel./fax: (46) 70 232 16 55; E-mail: m.esenov@gmail.com
Kalamkas YESSIMOVA represents the journal in Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan)
Tel./fax: (7 – 701) 7408600; E-mail: kesimova@gmail.com
Ainura ELEBAEVA represents the journal in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
Tel./fax: (996 – 312) 61 30 36; E-mail: ainur_eb@mail.ru
Saodat OLIMOVA represents the journal in Tajikistan (Dushanbe)
Tel.: (992 372) 21 89 95; E-mail: olimov@tajik.net
Farkhad TOLIPOV represents the journal in Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
Tel.: (9987 – 1) 225 43 22; E-mail: farkhad_tolipov@yahoo.com
Kenan ALLAHVERDIEV represents the journal in Azerbaijan (Baku)
Tel.: (+994 – 50) 325 10 50; E-mail: kenan.allakhverdiev@gmail.com
David PETROSYAN represents the journal in Armenia (Erevan)
Tel.: (374 – 10) 56 88 10; E-mail: dave@arminco.com
Vakhtang CHARAIA represents the journal in Georgia (Tbilisi)
Тел.: +995 593 13 18 11; E-mail: vakhocharaia@gmail.com
Vladimir MESAMED represents the journal in the Middle East (Jerusalem)
Tel.: (972 – 2) 5882332; E-mail: mssamed@olive.mscc.huji.ac.il
Sun ZHUANGZHI represents the journal in China (Beijing)
Tel.: (86) 10-64039088; E-mail: sunzhzh@isc.cass.net.cn
Irina EGOROVA represents the journal in the Russian Federation (Moscow)
Tel.: (7 – 495) 3163146; E-mail: egorova@mosinfo.ru
Rustem ZHANGUZHIN represents the journal in Ukraine (Kiev)
Tel.: (380 – 44) 524-79-13; E-mail: zhangozha@yahoo.co.uk


Editorial Team Members:

Vakhit AKAEV Chief Researcher, Ibragimov Integrated Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, D.Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic, Honored Scientist of the Chechen Republic, Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
Mariam ARUNOVA Ph.D. (History), leading research associate, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
Garnik ASATRIAN D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Head of the Department of Iranian Studies, Erevan State University (Armenia)
Svante E. CORNELL Professor, Research Director, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Silk Road Studies Program, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS (U.S.A.)
Jannatkhan EYVAZOV Ph.D. (Political Science), Associate Professor, Department of International Relations at Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (Azerbaijan)
William FIERMAN D.Sc. (Political Science), Professor of Indiana University (U.S.A.)
Sergey GRETSKY Doctor, Chair of Central Asian Studies, Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State (U.S.A.)
Xing GUANGCHENG D.Sc. (Political Science), Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute for East European, Russian and Central Asian Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)
Alexander IGNATENKO President, Institute of Religion and Politics, Doctor of Philosophy, specialist in Islamic studies, leading expert of the Institute of Social Systems, Moscow State University, member of the Council for Cooperation with Religious Associations under the Russian Federation President (Russia)
Ashurboi IMOMOV Ph.D. (Law), Assistant Professor, Head of the Department of Constitutional Law, Tajik National University (Tajikistan)
Stephen F. JONES Professor, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Mount Holyoke College (U.S.A.)
Lena JONSON Doctor, senior researcher, Swedish Institute of International Affairs (Sweden)
Klara KHAFIZOVA D.Sc. (History), Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Professor at the International Relations and Foreign Policy Department, Kainar University (Kazakhstan)
Zaynidin KURMANOV D.Sc. (History), Professor, Head of the Chair of International Relations, the Kyrgyz-Russian University (Kyrgyzstan)
Jacob M. LANDAU Professor of Political Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Alexei MALASHENKO D.Sc. (History), Professor, Scholar-in-Residence, Ethnicity and Nation-Building Program Co-Chair, The Carnegie Moscow Center (Russia)
Abbas MALEKI Doctor, Director General, International Institute for Caspian Studies (Iran)
Roger N. McDERMOTT Research Associate, the Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies (MECACS), University of St. Andrews, Scotland (Great Britain)
Vitaly NAUMKIN D.Sc. (History), Professor, Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies of RF (Russia)
Yerengaip OMAROV Professor, Rector of Kainar University, President of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)
Vladimer PAPAVA D.Sc. (Economy), Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (Georgia)
Vladimir PARAMONOV Ph.D., Founder & Director of the Central Eurasia Analytical Group and Internet Project (Uzbekistan)
Mirzokhid RAKHIMOV D.Sc. (History), Professor, Head of the Contemporary History and International Relations Department, Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)
S. Frederick STARR Professor, Chairman, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, The Johns Hopkins University (U.S.A.)
James V. WERTSCH Professor, Director of the International and Regional Studies Program, Washington University in St. Louis (U.S.A.)
The materials that appear in the journal do not necessarily reflect the Editorial Board and the Editors’ opinion