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Customer Loyalty
Repurchase Interest

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Maulana, I. T., Akbar, S., Alhaq, M. G., Chaeruddin, A., Ariobimo, O., & Saefudin, N. (2022). INTERESTIN BUYING BACK BANDUNG STUDENT AT E-COMMERCE SHOPEE. CENTRAL ASIA AND THE CAUCASUS, 23(1), 4699-4705.



Testing the effect of service quality and customer loyalty on the repurchase intention of Shopee e-commerce users by students in the city of Bandung. One of the most well-known forms of e-commerce to the public is electronic commerce or what is known as electronic commerce or e-commerce. In Indonesia, there are many e- commerce sites that offer products, both goods and services. Shopee online store is one of the online shopping centers that comes with a complete product concept and the convenience of online shopping for delivery. There are many shopee users, the impossible can still happen, there are still many reviews from Shopee users that this application is still unsatisfactory such as application error complaints, inaccurate order tracking, payment features, ShopeePay wallets, products that often do not appear, and unilateral cancellation by Shopee. Based on the output above, it can be seen that this implies that the effect of the variable (service quality) and (customer loyalty) simultaneously on the variable (repurchase interest) is 72.9%.



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